Windows 8 app store

Probably an impossible question but… will the Windows version be available through the Windows store? If so does that mean it will work with ARM-based Windows tablet (which I think you look very interesting actually)?

I haven’t read too much about it, but from what I’ve heard of how it is thus far in the preview, isn’t it just for apps? I don’t think Scrivener could ever fit into that format, in a Tile like that. :slight_smile: Maybe they just haven’t expanded it to encompass regular software, yet.

Ah - I think you’re right. The app store will only be for apps that follow the Metro interface. Can’t see Scrivener in that either. Thanks!

The Windows 8 Metro interface tiles are the same as the app icons on iOS. Furthermore, the apps behave in pretty much the same way as those on other tablets. I can’t see how this would preclude a Windows 8 Scrivener app on either an Intel or ARM tablet.

I rather like the tiles and apps on the version of Metro I’ve played with on an Intel-powered tablet. They are unfussy and clean - without all the faux leather and pine bookshelf finishes that Apple seems to be set on.

So a tile is just a glorified icon on the desktop, basically (iOS icons are just icons, but you don’t double-click to load the thing they represent)? I thought they were more like “widgets”, or the things you’d put on your Windows desktop. Argh, I think there is too much market jargon going on. Ha.