Windows 8 compatible? Trial version.

I was using the nano trial version when my computer bit the dust. Just bought a black Friday bargain basement replacement and would like to download the trial to it. I don’t see Windows 8 listed in the system requirements. Is it compatible? Are there any issues I should know about? I suppose it would be better at this point to just download the regular trial, since nano is almost over. Do I just click and download, or is it more complicated since I already started a trial?

Sorry to hear your computer took a bad turn! The trial should run just fine on Windows 8. Just click and download! :slight_smile: The NaNo trial is special in that it’s got a set expiration date, so it’s separate from the regular trial, which gives you 30 days of use (it will count down the days when you open the program to let you know how many you have left). Just use the “Open Existing Projects” button to load your earlier projects, or open them directly from the project’s .scriv folder by double-clicking the project file inside.

I can’t answer as far as the trial dates, but I just bought a new Windows 8 computer and Scrivener is doing fine. I’m currently using the regular trial version just because I haven’t registered and activated my full version yet.

Thanks for the replies. I thought I had subscribed to the thread, but apparently not. I did not realize until now that I had replies. I have since downloaded the regular trial and it is working fine on Windows 8 and I was able to access my old files easily. Thanks for the help.

Works with Windows 8? Terrific!

Windows 8 - the full version. Not Windows 8 RT. The “RT” version is a scaled down version and apparently most programs don’t work on that one.