Windows 8

Having now had the misfortune of trying a Windows 8 machine, I have reached the sad conclusion that it is a horrible nasty and - let’s be honest - evil piece of software.

Does anyone have anything nice to say about the new software that will cheer me up a bit, as I know it’s going to be a mandatory system by the time I get my next 'puter.

You know, stuff I’ll actually care about instead of “more secure” (I have antivirus and firewall, thanks), “faster boot up time by 10 seconds” (as long as it’s faster than my kettle boils, who gives a &@%#), “slightly improved battery life” (unless it can also power the kettle, who gives a ^@&(*#^).

Grumble grumble grumble.


I hear you can hack the interface so that you can launch a program without obscuring your entire workspace. So… yay?

I haven’t touched it myself, so I can’t speak from any position of reliability, but the only person I know who has bought a Windows 8 machine says it drives him mad. He set it up to look like Windows 7, but it doesn’t behave like Windows 7. I don’t want to lower the tone, but (based on his experience – your mileage may vary) the phrase “fur coat and no knickers” springs to mind… :slight_smile:

But, just to cheer you up, pigfender, I am sure it must be a lovely, beautifully crafted Adonis of operating systems. Maybe it will be like Vista, and they will hastily brush it under the carpet and replace it with Windows 9 before you buy your next computer?

I suspect it could have the longevity of XP and we might be on Win9 by the time I buy a laptop :frowning:
Silver linings and all that.

My advice is to stock up on several copies of Windows 7, and hunker down for the winter, buying your future hardware based upon the premise that it can run Win7. Then when the cold dark and failed era of trying to make desktop and laptop computers act like an ATM is over, hopefully Microsoft will release DOS 7.0 and apologise profusely.

Progress. It does certainly seem to be relentless.

sorry about the off-topic, folks…

Astrid 8) when you typed that, did you use a husky breathy voice :smiling_imp: grrrrrrr

If all else fails, you can always return to parchment and inkwell and mail your forum correspondence.

Or abandon the “Dark Side” completely and come over to the light … heh heh!


While they’ve had several mobile OS versions over the years, MS has failed to capture the market with any of them. Now they’re bringing the same winning strategy to the desktop. :unamused:

You guys have a single menu bar that has to be shared by all programs. :confused:
No thanks. :slight_smile:

Funny…I have a similar reaction when I read that maliferous message on a Windows start-up: “Your computer might be at risk. Click here to solve the problem.:confused:
It really tempts to reach for a 12 oz ballpane hammer, and — THWACK! Problem solved! :smiley:

:smiley: Yes that would be irritiating. I mean… one wonders what websites people are visiting, what email attachments they are opening, and what strange files they are downloading to get these problems.

Windows 8 is why I’m sticking with Linux for the foreseeable future, until there’s no option to turn off Secure Boot, although work is ongoing to figure out a way around it. Secure Boot is the final nail in the coffin for me and Microsoft, to be honest. (Not that Apple is any better on business practices such as those.)

It amazes me that nobody seems to have nice things to say about Windows 8. In fact far too many recent microsoft projects have suffered from flaws that are blindingly obvious to consumers at first glance.

Sounds like MS might have fostered too much of a yes-man culture internally, and could really do with some peeps who haven’t drunk the cool-aid in some senior positions.

Ah. Yes…well, ummm…quite so. I…ummm. I’ll give that serious consideration. Most definitely. Utterly concur…
:open_mouth: :blush:

My current investment is in Apple — has been for the last ten years — but, if I’m honest, I rather like the look of Windows 8, and MS Surface intrigues me. Problem is, in the UK at least, Microsoft seems to have followed the App Store’s lead of ‘Buy now, try later’. On that basis: no thanks.

John Scalzi – sci fi novelist, columnist, all around huge nerd, and the most technologically agnostic computer user I’ve run across in a long time–wrote a few blog posts about this new Win8 machine: … 2-edition/ … windows-8/ … rt-screen/

And for the love of all that’s unholy, don’t bother trying to evangelize Scrivener to him. He’s stated on a number of occasions that it’s not for him, but people keep pestering him to give it another try.

:smiling_imp: Thanks. A funny read (as usual). Amazing how he really, really wanted to like the “Metro” UI – but couldn’t in the end.