Windows and PDF export plus templates

I have Scrivener 2 for the Mac. I love it so much I’m considering making Scrivener required software for my students next semester. Of course, many of them use Windows.

I have two specific questions that I can’t test out myself.

  1. Will Scrivener for Windows compile to PDF format? My students who have Windows 7 have no problems created PDFs, but students who use Vista or earlier often have problems creating PDFs (for a variety of reasons). So, more specifically, will Scrivener for Windows allow for PDF export for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and whatever came one step earlier?

  2. If I create a project template for students on the Mac side, will my Windows using students also be able to use that template with no problems? Or will there be some adjustments they’ll need to make?

Many thanks to anyone who can answer these questions for me. I don’t really care if these features function fully right now as this is a beta phase. I’m really just interested in the plans for the first final release in early 2011.