Windows and Simplenote...30 minutes wasted


I have a windows laptop and an Android tablet that I use for mobile work, especially during fieldwork for my PhD project. Now, I do love Scrivener, and I understand that many who do possess an Android tablet are somewhat eager to see it coming eventually to Android. Although we might see it in some years or so (if ever), I looked for other ways of using my Android device and getting the stuff I write on there to Scrivener, without having to take a trillion steps in between.

Now, I searched the forums and someone in an old threat recommended simplenote. I watched the video on the help page, tried to do it with my Windows Scrivener, which is not working because the function does not exist. Not knowing this, I had to search some time until I found a thread where it was stated that the feature never made it to the Windows version. To be honest, I was a little bit angry, as I literally wasted time to find out that it only works with the Mac version. This information should be made more prominent for people who are searching for solutions like combining mobile with office work.

I do understand that L&L only has limited resources to develop an Android version and I am not going to complain about it. But since simplenote is also available for Android and Kindle Fire devices, why not include that sync option in the Windows version as well? This would enable people who have to wait for the Android version to also get the benefits of using their mobile devices for writing.


Some people use the External folder sync functionality(added in Scrivener for Windows v1.9.5.0) to sync and work on Android at the moment. An Android version is under development, but we cannot announce a fixed date at the moment.


thanks for your answer, tiho_d.
I will take a look into it. Maybe I can use some sort of text editor or writing app on Android to write on the go and then continue my work at the desk.
I knew that an Android version was planned, but that development would only start after Scrivener was brought up to date with the version 2 code changes. Yesterday I was talking to a friend about buying an iPad Air 2 just for writing, which would then make my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 obsolete…ah, the problems of first world country people.