windows at feature parity with mac version?


i was actually just about to pre-purchase the win version of scriv thinking that the features described in the product page described both the current mac version as well as the version to be released for windows on nov 7th…

but in reading the “why there is no wishlist” topic, it seems that that is not the case? that the win version will be a somewhat deprecated version of scriv? is that correct?

also, if that’s the case, is there a separate product page for the windows version that accurately describes the product?



The product page you want is here. It should be the one showing up for you automatically if you visit from a Windows machine, though. Everything you see there is Windows, from the screenshots on down to the feature descriptions. It will all be in the first cut, and it is actually more than Mac users had to work with for years, so “deprecated” is definitely the wrong word, and so even would be the word obsolete. With the exception of a few minor details, it’s all forward movement from here on out—we aren’t developing stop gaps and them removing them simply to follow an historic development chart, but rather heading straight toward the current 2.2 target on the Mac.

oh sweet.

yeah, that’s the page i was looking at. just got confused when the other thread was talking about discrepancies… turned out that as a new user then, they are discrepancies i would be completely unaware of. :slight_smile: