Windows Bar Eye-sore Still here?

Thanks @devinganger

As also stated previously, this isn’t going to stop me from requesting until it materializes (haven’t you seen Shawshank Redemption?).


Another possibility is Groundhog Day.

I really wish you’d rethink that stance.

It’s one thing to occasionally ask for updates on something that L&L has stated a timeline on (like the thread where the one poster occasionally asks for an update on the results of the big survey.) It’s an entirely different thing to repeatedly ask for updates on a topic where L&L’s explicitly stated policy is to not provide those updates. It becomes needlessly antagonistic.

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Can we all take a moment to appreciate how great a piece of software Scrivener must be in order to reach the stage where the missing feature that users want to get worked up about is the colour of the menu bar!


Thanks, as noted above, we’ve already had this on our list. I’m closing this topic as there is no further need for discussing it at this time.