windows beta with shortened trial period?

Hi everyone,

normally I am MacUser of Scrivener for which I have a license. Because I had to give my Macbook away for repairs, I am using now a Windows System in the meantime. There I use the trial version because for this two-plus-weeks of windows time I hoped to not need a new license. Normally the trial period consists of 30 days of actual usage of the program, but for the Scrivener 3 for Windows beta it says every time that its expires on february 15th. Does it mean the trial or does it mean the beta? What will happen to the program then?

if I should send a support mail instead, let me know.


15 Feb is when the current Beta expires. L&L will update to the next beta on or before 15th.

When the full version 3 is released you will be able to download a 30 trial of that.

Yup. There is no trial for Scrivener 3.0 for Windows (and no license cost), because it is in Beta. The beta version periods have shortened from months to weeks as we get closer to product launch. You should still be able to download a trial version of the released version, though. 1.9, I think?

Also yup, the new beta version will come out before the old one expires, even if it is upon the day.

Just remember the release version, 1.9.x cannot open Mac v.3 projects. Just use the beta and keep an eye on the upgrade notice.


I am in the same situation and use Scrivener on both a Mac and a PC. The files are save in a common location accessed by both platforms. Re-bought the v3 for MacOS cause I’m a nice guy only to find out it wasn’t compatible with the previous PC version… I don’t know whether I should just cut my losses and find another similar application to do what I need or just cry in the corner over the fact that not only I’m going to have to buy another licence key for PC, but that I have to go through constant reloading of betas - which cannot even be managed directly in windows anymore.

I’m really keen to support small shop companies, but sometimes, it gets hard.

To be honest, I’m finding it really difficult to fathom this ‘poor me, betas’ from some – not just you.

Suppose you lived in a large house. You hire an improvement in the west wing. You live in the house as ever, and every few weeks the workmen have an improvement to show…in the part of the house you aren’t living in. Where is the problem?

I think you’re not going to influence anyone to cut you a non-beta stable state, because a) it’s more unnecessary work taking away from real progress, and b) of course, you would complain there because it’s not perfect, but very likely work has already been done on your point, available in the later editions, c) you wouldn’t be contributing at all as a Beta user by reporting your specifics, rather just ‘expecting’.

The consensus is that for a long time, this Beta has been quite stable, for any purposes of writing.

Further, it’s also well accepted that because of Scrivener’s design (that everything you write is actually just in portable .rtf (i.e. portabe Word) files, and that by default there are constant session backups, even if there were a catastrophe, you are highly unlikely to lose work.

What’s being worked on is presentation – now mainly on compiled/printed results. Which again for some time have been quite useful if not perfect in every detail. Which you can compensate for if really required by compiling to Word etc. and formatting.

Using the Beta should get you the ability to work with Scrivener Mac projects.

If it somehow doesn’t work just as you want, you should find that out right away.

Life is not free of small frustrations – including or especially from released software. Particularly that which has not undergone the painstaking care exhibited here.

And then, as also many times stated, if you don’t want to ‘put up with’ a Beta, don’t use it. Wait. Write in something else, and copy the text into Scrivener later, so you can have this program’s advantages in editing the drafts you will then have written.

Your possibilities seem very many…and those of all others who have found this, shall we say, privileged, entitled, certainly unusual way to complain…

/reaction, which I seldom want to see, much less exhibit, but this little song on very small violins is just too much

thanks guys, I am looking out for upgrade notice - but where? in the program? on the webpage? (a maillist? this forum?)(beta newbie, sorry)

The notices are posted here in the forums. If you find bugs, come here to post. Otherwise, just check back around the day the beta is set to expire, and L&L will have the new beta ready for download.

Three ways.

  1. Bookmarked the forum pad that shows what the latest release is as well as reading up on what others are discussing.


  1. When using the Beta version it should notify you when an update is available. Follow through with the steps, but be sure to save your work as a precaution even if it does so for you. You never know.

  2. Run ‘Check for updates’ located in the Help option manually. Either it will notify you it is current or a new update is available.

Hope this helps.