Windows blue screen on exit when project is stored on an encrypted partition

Dear Scrivener Team, did you change the way Scrivener treats encrypted partitions in the last Beta? I have my project on the encrypted partition and till now there was no problem with that. But after installing the last Beta everytime I close my project Windows blue screen is showed with this code:
When I open my project from a non-encrypted partition, everything is OK, so it looks like enryption is the problem here. But it wasn’t in earlier Betas… :frowning:
Is it possible to do something with that?

Applications like Scrivener aren’t supposed to even know whether the partition is encrypted or not – the encryption happens below the file system layer.

What kind of encryption are you using? Native Bitlocker, or some other third-party system?

If it’s Bitlocker, something may be out-of-whack. One of the things I have done in the past is decrypt the partition in question, reboot, then re-encrypt it from scratch. It takes a little while and forces updates of the recovery keys, but usually helps sort out if there are issues.

Otherwise, I’d be looking to see if you had any relevant Windows or driver updates that happened right around the same time you updated Scrivener.

Thank you very much for your answer and excuse me my delayed response :slight_smile: My problem disappeared with the next (quite quick ;) ) beta.