Windows—Border of Document Target Bars

In advance: I am aware this is a seriously niche request, and am not sure how seriously this will be taken :slight_smile:

So I use the Solarized Light theme in the Windows Beta, and I love it. I was setting up document targets for my projects when I noticed that once I set the target, the bullseyes disappeared and there wasn’t anything in its place. If I clicked around the general area, I could easily open the window for document targets, and it filled up and displayed the appropriate colours for word count just fine, but I just couldn’t . . . see anything for it. So I thought, “Oh, maybe this is a bug, they did say this was a beta version” and I opened a blank project; the same thing happened in the Solarized Light theme. The button for the document target simply disappeared, and I decided to report it as a bug, but I made sure to check it in the Default theme, just to make sure.

. . . It turns out that the grey borders of the document target bar are way too faint for my weak eyes to detect in the footer for the Solarized Light theme and they show up just fine in the Default theme. So I would like to request that the colour of the progress bar in Solarized Light is darkened a little bit, or an option is provided for users to adjust the colour of the borders in the progress bars. I know this isn’t really important, but I keep a lot of blank documents with target wordcounts ready in my project, and I find myself mentally stumbling over the “empty” spot in the footer every time I’m in one of them. I have also grown attached to the Solarized Light theme in the three weeks I’ve had it . . . so, yeah.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

Moved to Beta forum. – Katherine