Windows Compiling Error


Im looking for assistance to resolve a compiling error. I run a windows 10 operating system with an up-to-date Scrivener.
I have completed a new book and have moved the text and images from a word document into Scrivener. Next I have used the following guidence, to compile to Kindlegen.

Unfortunately, after compiling, Scrivener provides a message stating an error has occurred. There is no error code shown. I have tried reinstalling Kindlegen to multiple locations and pointing Scrivener to it without success.
Afterward, I decided to use the other technique; compiling in an Epub formatt - this too has an error message with no code. Any thoughts? Do I need to reinstall Scrivener?

Thank you for your time.

By “up-to-date” do you mean or the Scrivener 3 Beta

If the latter, as far as I know Compile is not working properly yet.

If the former…I would contact support so they can help you track down what is happening. Before you do that, though, you might want to try uninstalling and re-installing Scrivener. However, first, what is the exact error message you are getting?

Thank you for your message. The version of scrivener is full version. The exact error messages read:
“Error Generating the Mobi Book” and “Error Generating the Epub Book”.
The Kindlegen Version obtained from: