Windows: Corkboarding collections & sortable outliner

I’d like to be able to corkboard collections and sort outliner columns.

Recently, Scrivener got brought up in my writing workshop and the corkboard was listed as a reason by a couple folks as to why they didn’t buy it after trying the demo. They felt the corkboard didn’t function in the way they thought it would.

A little clarification would be helpful on the second paragraph. I’m not immediately seeing a connection between the request (which is already on the list of things to do), and the reason that the corkboard doesn’t work the way you expect it to. I would consider viewing a Collection as a group to be a somewhat niche feature that is not at all core to the philosophy of the software in such a way that it would cause multiple people to abandon using the entire program. Collections have no bearing upon the actual structure of the work itself. They are a peripheral organisation and visualisation tool that, while awfully handy and something I use myself quite a bit, are not necessary to using the software (this is why we have not spent the time to code these features yet—other things are more important).

I believe the feature described in the second part of this article is what they were refering to: … corkboard/

Ah, the freeform corkboard mode; that is actually available for more than just collections, though I do agree it works very well with the premise that collections are based upon. It looks like in the original version of that article, he wrote that it was available to both platforms, but then later corrected that. Just so you know, everything that the Mac version can do at the moment is already on the to do list for the Windows version. We aren’t deliberately holding back features or anything like that, it’s just a matter of how many hours are in a day and the Windows version being several years newer.

I still would argue that this mode is not terribly essential to what the software aims to do, but of course everyone has their pet feature they really want or need. But that was the motivation for not developing this feature over others which were deemed more essential (like the new sidebar footnotes and comments feature as many are not comfortable with notes within the text itself). However we do listen to what you all want, so feedback like this is useful. The next big thing on the list is synchronisation for those that work mobile. When our iPad/iPhone version comes out, we want the Windows version to be just as good at the Mac at working with it.

Hello good people,

I would like to echo the desire to get the freeform corkboard option available for Windows.

This allows the corkboard to truly be a corkboard, not just a linear view of index cards with a corkboard background color.


This will be so cool! I’ve tried to use Final Draft, Movie Magic Screenwriter,, WorkFlowy and other apps to mimic the real world utility and flexibility of corkboards. But that adds problems.

  1. Now I need to use a third, disconnected app to visualize story elements.
  2. I need to manually transfer notes back and forth.

For years I’ve dreamed to be free of the real index cards and corkboard on the wall. They let me move story beats around and see how things flow differently–but it’s just so analog! :slight_smile: And I’m trying, trying, and trying to get 100% digital.

Thank you for the bargain priced Scrivener.

Thank you for adding the ability to get in and out of Final Draft.

Thank you for the hope and promise of freeform corkboards for Windows Scrivener! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

BTW - The “Commit” feature in freeform corkboards is so COOL!


This is THE feature I am waiting for in Win Scrivener, too.

I regret to inform you that we are introducing a policy of delaying every Mac feature that would otherwise be coming to the Windows version automatically but which is requested here, with an addition of one month for every “+1”. :smiley:

In all seriousness: there is no need to request anything that is already in the Mac version, as everything in the Mac version will be coming to Windows. The sortable outliner will be coming sooner rather than later, I believe (but cannot say for sure), but the freeform corkboard will be coming in a paid update to the Windows version, most likely next year.

All the best,

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! :laughing: