windows crashed and I lost a chapter - and none of the backups have it?

Okay, so I’ve had this recurring problem lately where, when Windows updates and wants to restart (I carefully save and close everything before doing the restart), when it comes back up, it quite often hates Scrivener and/or being connected to the Internet while Scrivener is open. Sometimes if I open Scriv while the Internet is connected, Windows will crash, I will get various error messages, and then the laptop will restart again. Since Scriv is my main writing program, I’ve gotten in the habit of keeping the laptop disconnected from wifi, which seems to avoid the problem.

TOADY, while I was NOT connected to the Internet, Windows crashed AGAIN, while Scriv was open. Once it restarted, I reopened Scriv, reopened my project, and the chapter I was working on is gone. The icon at the top indicates there should be text, but there’s not.

I browsed through the forums and found the backup files, but I get “file not accessible” messages (even though everyone has access to everything!), AND, when I found one or two backups that I could open, it opens up the latest draft instead, which has that missing file.

I’ve tried dragging-and-dropping a backup to a new Folder on the Desktop, but it still opens up the latest version, and/or gives me “file not accessible” messages.

What am I not doing??

Okay, so I was able to get one much older backup open, and it had part of the chapter (I hadn’t written the rest yet). I’m gonna keep looking through newer backups, if I can get them open, and see if I can find the rest (I’m copy-pasting into a blank document in a different program, and closing/opening Scriv again each time.)

Is there any way this chapter just got caught in the buffer? I was in the middle of typing when it crashed.

Would still really love to know what happened and why it keeps crashing.

Okay - I found one! It doesn’t have the last couple of paragraphs (the new stuff), but it has the rest!!


Lessons learned: off-site backup; hard copy backup; BREATHE and don’t try to fix it immediately while you’re panicking; don’t leave the wifi on while Scriv is open; if it’s giving you that “file unaccessable/don’t have authority to change that” message, that MIGHT just mean it’s still zipped, so double-check and unzip it before panicking/throwing your laptop out a window and vowing never to buy a PC again - who me?? :mrgreen:

Thanks for reading along!

Congratulations on finding most of your words. :smiley:

My assumption is that you’re running on Windows Scriv v1.9.16. As your PC is prone to crashing, be sure to enable the safe document saving mechanism. Tools > Options > Check the box for ‘Use safe document saving mechanism’. When you check the box, a window will pop up and tell you what the feature does. The short version is that it was developed specifically for situations such as yours, where the PC is prone to crashing. It uses a saving mechanism that has a higher probability of retaining the latest changes to the currently active document. In your case, the chapter you were working on might have survived the crash, without you having to go digging around in zipped backups.

Also, see this post I wrote a couple of years ago for another user on Scriv’s zipped backups. Everything I wrote then is still applicable now. You may already know this stuff, but providing it just in case.



Thank you, Jim!

I read through your other post and made a few of the changes you suggested - hopefully this won’t happen again!