Windows Dropbox Sync to Scrivener

I apologize, I’ve been hunting everywhere for an answer but cannot locate one.

I only have Scrivener iOS which I am loving.

I have some old text files in a folder I want to put into Windows Dropbox and pull as a project with that folder name into Scrivener iOS.

Even the wonderfully helpful and detailed link at the top of this forum only mentioned Projects and how those can be sync’d which seems to assume a Windows + iOS version of Scrivener.

Can someone please advise on how to do this?

I can get the folder name to show up as a project in Scrivener iOS by manually changing the name to include .scriv but then I get that pesky no binder files error which would make sense because it has none of the Windows Scrivener metadata behind it. It’s just a regular ol’ Windows folder.

Thank you for the assistance,


Create a new project in iOS Scrivener. You can then import the text into the project, by tapping on the download icon (down-arrow), choosing dropbox and then locate the text files.

Thank you I got this working once I converted them to .rtf files :slight_smile: