Windows - Enlarge Synopsis Pictures?

I can’t see how to do this!

I create a text file for a character. Then I open the inspector and I drag an inspiring picture onto the text file. All Good.


How do I enlarge the picture from the synopsis of the text file? I’d like to see them better to consider them?

The pictures where just placed for inspiration. I mostly keep a link address but my original copy is usually deleted.
Can I retrieve this picture as a file?


I’m not around a PC at the moment to check and see if they have this implemented yet, but the idea is that you can drag a synopsis image from the inspector into either the binder or an editor header bar. In the former case, this will “create” a file for you which can then be exported or opened in an external editor. In the latter case, it will simply view the image at full size, no data will be duplicated and you won’t be able to do anything with it as a file.