Windows feature request

After using Scrivener to write a little more than 130k words in the past eight months or so, the only thing I am jealous about among the Mac users is syncing. As it is now, I have to export text files, prepend the date to the folder name, sync to google drive, and then move them to another machine and/or my ipad. I actually probably did half of those words on my ipad. Even a ‘sync to folder’ option would be great. And of course, as a cross platform Windows/ipad user and ios version would just about make me run out in the street and do a ‘Scrivener is on ios’ interpretive dance. Which will be awful for my neighbors.

Note, this is not a complaint. I honestly don’t think I could have been nearly as productive using MS Word over the same period of time. The software is amazing. But it would be even easier for me to use its amazingness in the way I work if syncing were fuller featured on the Windows side.



All things come to he who waits… :wink: The iOS version of Scrivener is in development, and we hope to release it early next year. And syncing is already planned as an enhancement to Scrivener for Windows.

I look forward to seeing the video footage of your interpretive dance, in due course. :wink:


Cool, thanks for the info. Waiting has never been my strong suit (I’m an American after all, I want it right now, 10% off for 50% more) but I’ll manage. Just wanted to let y’all know that if you’re wondering whether to work on X or sync, you have one user out here who voted for sync.


if it,s coming to a vote, i pick mystery feature ,x,