Windows: Indicate which scene or subsection in the binder is displayed in scrivenings mode

I’m currently using the Windows version of Scrivener on a Windows 10 computer. I like the scrivenings mode but it would be nice to have some sort of indication as to which scene or subsection (in the case of non-fiction books) that each separated text in the editor refers to in the binder or at least select/highlight the text scene or subsection in the binder when you click on the corresponding text in the editor widnow in scivenings mode. The best suggestion would be to add the corresponding title for each scene or subsection in the binder to the top of each separated text in the editor window and combine this with the behavior of automatically selecting/highlighting the scene or subsection in the binder when the corresponding text block is clicked on or into in the editor window. I know you can click on a text block in the editor in scrivenings mode and you can see which scene or subsection has been selected in the inspector, but what if you don’t want to have the inspector pane open at all times? This way, with my suggestion you can get a quick overview of which corresponding scene or subsection in the binder matches up with which separated text block in the editor. It’s very counter productive and annoying not knowing at a quick glance which scene or subsection each of the separated text is referring to in the binder from the editor window in scrivenings mode. Adding this feature to Scrivener 3 for Windows would be super helpful. Thanks.

I checked the Mac v3 manual, and it has this functionality. See section 15.10.5. So you can expect that L&L is planning to add it to Win v3.

Generally, if the beta hasn’t already implemented a feature or you don’t want to install the beta, I’ve found that consulting the Mac v3 manual is a good way to learn what is coming in Win v3, as L&L is aiming for feature parity. This might not be 100% true in all cases, as there might be things that are easily accomplished in the Mac framework that can’t be done in Windows without a ton of custom coding, but I’d be really surprised if this particular feature fell into that category.


You are correct. I see that in the MacOS v3 manual as well. I installed the latest Windows beta and I see the option to toggle titles in the scrivenings mode and I also see that the default behavior in the beta version is that the scene or subjection in the binder is selected when the corresponding text is clicked on in the editor.Thanks for adding these features Windows Scrivener team! :smiley: