Windows installation default directory

Every time I install WinScriv*, it defaults to My Documents. I’m talking about the program files, not the default Projects save directory. I have full rights to write anywhere on my machine, so I tell it to put Scrivener in C:\Program Files, but that setting doesn’t stick from version to version. Any ideas why it does this?

Using Windows XP Professional, SP3 in a Parallels (for Linux) virtual machine.

  • I started playing with the beta at version 0.2

I think Lee said it’ll default there if you don’t have rights to whatever c:/Program Files is…which in your case and my case is moot. (At least in wine, it’s a file in my home directory, which you always have privs to your own home directory.) It’ll install just fine to Program Files, but you need to select it during the installation.

The thing is, a Parallels VM looks just like a PC’s hardward from the perspective of Windows and any programs running on it. And since I do have the rights to install software on my machine, there must be something missing in the code that checks for my administrator rights.

Not a huge deal, but at some point it would be nice if newer versions of scrivener would check for the location of the previous release’s installation and use that as the default.

Seeing the same thing from domain-joined Windows 7 Ultimate with UAC enabled. Installing as “devin” user, which is a member of the local Administrators group on the machine.

Installing as devin sets the default install location to be C:\Users\devin\Documents\Scrivener
Installing as devin with escalated admin privileges sets the same location.
Installing as the domain administrator sets the default install location to be C:\Program Files\Scrivener as expected.

I think some of the checks are still messed up, because I can and do install other software to the shared Program Files location as the devin user all of the time.