Windows interaction: Taskbar & reboot

  • When I close all my Scrivener projects, leaving Scratch Pad open, the Windows taskbar ‘stack’ of Scrivener icons is reduced accordingly to ‘one’ for the still open Scratch Pad.
    While it is of use that the pad stays open, its persistence prevents my reopening Scrivener projects by Win#. (I have Scrivener ‘pinned’ and use the keyboard as much as possible.)
    I can’t open Scrivener proper by Win# until I close the pad, or by right-clicking the taskbar icon etc.

  • I have Scrivener open with two (or more) projects: When I reboot Windows, then restart Scrivener, I get the project template selection window, not the restarted project(s) as is the case when I, not Windows shutdown, exit Scrivener.
    I would prefer that Scrivener not ‘forget’ to restart the multiple projects when Windows shuts it.