Windows/iOS compatibility?

Hi-- I have Scrivener for Windows and I’m considering purchasing the iOS app for my iPhone. Question is, are the files from the iPhone app compatible with the Windows desktop version? Say I email myself a Scrivener file from by iPhone, will I be able to open it on my PC?

Thanks a billion!

Yes, Scrivener uses the same project format on all platforms.


Thanks for clarifying!

A Scrivener project is not a file, it’s a folder, so you’d need to zip the entire project folder in order to mail it. The way you are supposed to do it is to have a Dropbox account, have the Dropbox app installed on your PC (so your files are automatically copied to the Dropbox server), and have your project in your Dropbox folder on your PC. Once the Dropbox app has finished copying your project, you simply tell your iPhone Scrivener to look in the same folder on the Dropbox server and download it. When you’re done, you do it backwards. iPhone sync to Dropbox server, your PC downloads changed files, and then you open the project on your PC as usual.

Oh great, thanks for clarifying, lunk.

Once you have the iOS Scrivener app installed, check out the tutorial. Near the end, there’s a section titled “Syncing” that everyone who uses it with Dropbox should read.