Windows Learning Curve - Looking for Resources?

So I picked up Scrivener way back in the day when it was first released for Windows. I left it behind pretty quickly. But everyone keeps saying ‘it’s the way to go’ so I’m giving it another shot. Only problem is I want to work in comics format and I have no idea how to translate the information I’m getting from Mac-ese to Windows, or even if these posts are referring to things I can even do in the Windows version of the program.

So I’m seeing if anyone has any good Windows-based information links that I can use to try and relearn the program - because at this point it’s been a huge frustration to google for information, even with WINDOWS in big letters and still keep getting Mac-only tutorial hits.

Anybody want to help a newbie out?

Googling for answers won’t help much. Your best bet is to patiently work through the tutorial, using Windows Scrivener. Any ‘differences’ are more to do with things unique to Mac OS, or to Windows. The functions of Scrivener are the same in either version. Yes, there are different control keys and codes patterned to each OS. These are minor factors. One difference is the Mac ‘package’ vs. the Windows ‘folder’ file collection, but again, this is a really minor thing once understood, as is the ‘rtf’ vs. ‘rtfd’ file format. Different strokes for two quite different OS approaches.

So forget about Mac, and focus on your own Windows setup. Working through the tutorial with an eye to your comics content, and studying references in the excellent Scrivener manual should answer most questions.

Your question is quite broad, so it’s hard to provide “any good Windows-based information links that I can use to try and relearn the program” beyond the patient work of applying the tutorial and manual to your needs.

It’s a little like asking how to paddle your canoe, and it turns out you’re left-handed and anything we tell you doesn’t quite fit because some of us are right-handed. But other than that, it’s all basically the same strokes.

Basic question, are you using the “Comic Script” template found in the Scriptwriting Templates?

Mr X