Windows\MAC Compatibility


I thought I had read that the Windows version project files were not compatible with the MAC version. I just switched from PC to iMAC and so purchased and installed Scrivener for MAC. I thought I would try it anyway. So I made a backup of the files on my PC. Then went to my MAC and tried to open the .scrive file. (I had access through Dropbox).

No problems whatsoever! It opened right up and everything was there :exclamation: Is it supposed to work this way? Should I expect a problem down the line. I’m of course not complaining. This is great. I just wonder if I should expect any problems down the road if I access the same file through the PC and then through the MAC.


No need to answer. I just found the very complete answers at [url]]

One difference that seems to confuse some people has nothing to do with Scrivener, but is due to a difference in how the two operating systems work.

On the Mac, a Scrivener project appears as a single “package,” with a name like project.scriv. The contents are normally hidden to the user. You launch Scrivener by double-clicking on this package.

With Windows, the same project appears as a folder, and all of the contents can be seen by walking through the directory tree. You launch Scrivener by clicking on the project.scrivx file inside the project.scriv folder.

When transferring between systems, make sure that you get the entire project.scriv folder. Sometimes, people have difficulty because they transferred only the project.scrivx file, leaving most of their materials behind.