Windows/Mac compatibility

Tried doing a search but couldn’t really find anything about this which surprised me a little. I first bought Scrivener for Windows, then recently got a Mac and ended up buying the licence for Mac as well. Unfortunately the problem I have is that my Mac is a desktop, and often when I’m out and about I’ll take my little Windows netbook - both have Scrivener installed. However trying to save in one version and open in the other doesn’t seem to work at all. When I save in Windows and open the .scriv file in Mac (which I did a while ago), I think most of the data is retained but it gets scattered and a lot ends up in the trash. When I save in Mac and open in Windows (which is what I did this morning for the first time), it hasn’t retained anything - a blank project appears.

It would be great if the .scriv files for Mac and Windows could be compatible, because at the moment although I have both licences I’m pretty much stuck to using it on Mac and then just copying text into a Word document on Windows if I want to use that.

Hmm, you might not have found much on this because under normal conditions there should be no issues opening projects on one platform and then another. This is something that I do now and then as well, and have never had a problem with it (even though some of the projects are quite complex).

I would examine the transfer method you are using. If you suspect that transfer may be the culprit, it may be worth your while to compress the project to a Zip file prior to sending it one way or the other (if you are sharing files over WiFi, this will dramatically speed up the transfer, too).

I’ve just been uploading the .scriv file to google drive then downloading it again on the other computer - would zipping make any difference to that? I mentioned it recently at a local nano meet and someone said they’d had a similar problem as well.

Ah, yes we’ve had a lot of reports of Google Drive not handling the Scrivener format well. At this time we do not recommend using it for live work. It should be perfectly safe to throw a .zip file in there though, so long as you unzip the project outside of the Drive folder and work on it there.

I’m having exactly the same problem - i cannot open the mac file in windows. I have purchased both licenses, i have downloaded the mac version to a flashdrive (failed on dropbox, won’t go near Google drive), and it still comes up empty. The only thing left is to transfer each file (and there are a lot, i’ve made good progress on the mac) as an rtf and restructure the whole damn thing one document at a time. I must be missing something…

Hmmm… as you can probably guess, that’s not the expected result! The OSs use the same file format so they should be readily transferable. You might get some font issues (a side effect of the different OS’s text engines), but nothing that wouldn’t be rectified with a “convert to default formatting” or simply ignored and left to leave Compile to do its magic.

Quick suggestion: take the copy (not the original) and try and open it on the same machine that produced the original.
Ie, if you had produced MyGreatNovel.scriv on the Mac, then make a copy MyGreatNovelCopy.scriv in the way you have been (in your case on a flashdrive). Then take it back onto your Mac and try to open it.

If your copying process is messing with the project somehow then you shouldn’t be able to open it on your original OS.

Thanks for that. I opened the copy on the mac, worked perfectly fine.

And then i tried once again to open the copy using windows. it does use a different file from what i expected (as in a file within the copied file), but this time it opened it. Problem inexplicably and somewhat frustratingly fixed.

I’ve been having similar experiences with this samsung PC - doesn’t work, doesn’t work, doesn’t work, getting ready to take it back, then it works. I’m reasonably tech savvy, so i’m not superstitious, but sometimes…