Windows/Mac Incompatibility

I eagerly purchased the Windows version of Scrivener, but I’ve discovered that some of my scrivs do not open on the Windows version. When I double click to open the .scrivx file directly in Windows, the Create New Scriv dialogue appears instead of the actual project. If I try to open the scriv from the Open Existing Project menu, my hard drive churns for a bit but nothing happens. Not even an error.

This only happens on some scrivs, but I can’t tell the difference between those that work and those that do not. However, the behavior is consistent on both my home and work Windows PCs.

I know this isn’t much to go on for tech support, but I have no idea where to start on this. Everything about the scrivs that don’t work on the PC seem fine on my Mac. They seem identical to the scrivs that do work on both platforms.


Ok, this is worse than I thought.

When I attempt to open a “broken” .scrivx in Windows and the New Project dialog comes up instead, it deletes the contents of my existing .scrivx file. It turns it into a 0kb file.

If I couldn’t revert to a previous version in Dropbox, I’d be screwed.

Best thing to do is send us a sample project that you’ve verified does not open in Windows but opens fine on the Mac. We can look at the internal structure of it and see what is causing this condition to happen. I do have other reports of this happening for cross-platform use; where the file just refuses to open without any feedback as to why, so it would be nice to pin it down. Send a sample to support [at] literatureandlatte [dot] com and reference this thread so we can cross-reference. Thanks for you help!

And yes, please, if you have something glitch like this where it is clearly not doing what it should be, test on copies of your files, not the primary working version.

I had this exact same problem. I created my file in Scrivener NaNoWriMo Trial for Windows. I went back and forth from Windows computers fine. Then I opened the file in a brand new downloaded version of the Scrivener NaNoWriMo Trial for Mac. It opened fine with no problems.

Now when I try to open it in Windows, nothing happens. Scrivener tries, but I don’t even get an error message; the processor works, then nothing. It opens other projects (not opened on the Mac) fine. Changing Windows machine makes no difference.

I’m on Windows 7 on two different machines working Intel processors, and two different Macs–I think I’m operating on Mac OS X Tiger on both, but it could be Leopard.

I will take the advice above and submit the file to the email.

b8g8, since you could at some point open this project on Windows, being that it originated there from what it sounds like, can you think of what types of things you did on the Mac? I know it might be hard to form a list, but just think of features you used and things you did. Examples:

  1. Added a new note tab in the Project Notes window
  2. Deleted a keyword
  3. Deleted an item from the binder
  4. Added a folder and imported five JPEG files
  5. Etc.

The reason I ask is that I can go back and forth between Mac and Windows without this happening. The project can be editing on one computer, then another, with no hiccups or projects that cease to open. So something is happening that I’m not trying.

How are you moving the files from one computer to another? There was a mention of Dropbox above–are the projects stored there? I ask because it’s possible a conflict arose at some point, and Scrivener for Windows will usually not open a project that has a “conflicted” copy of a file in it, whereas the Mac version will. I’ve never seen the issue where the .scrivx file was overwritten, but theoretically that could be from a sync issue as well. Anyway it’s something to check.

For sending the file for analysis, do you want to whole .scriv folder, or will just the .scrivx file do?

The whole folder, please.