Windows Multi-Screen Support

It would be good to have Scrivener open to the last screen it was open to. :slight_smile: No matter what I do, it always opens to the primary screen.

This works for me. I’m on XP, if it matters, and I’m using Ultramon ( to manage icons.
There is other discussion here on the forum.

Thanks for the reply. I am also on XP, but also run windows 7, have some legacy apps on ME and am gearing up to try out Linux. I think Scrivener is awesome, but I also can’t wait for it to catch up to the Mac version. Yet, there are a few issues, especially since its design makes it beg to be leader in a multi-app workflow, no?

Some multi-screen apps which open in the last screen state have a problem if the next time they’re opened the second screen isn’t active. Since I often switch my video output from two monitors in my office to one TV in the livingroom, this problem comes up surprisingly often. A similar problem can occur if the next session takes place on a smaller monitor, thereby placing the app off-screen. I’m sure KB won’t let any of this happen, but I wanted to post a heads-up for this feature.