Windows: Page View and proper Composition Mode!

This would make it PERFECT! I just switched from Mac to Windows, and Scrivener really feels half way on Windows. I think Page View should be a minimum requirement in every writing app, and the brilliant Composition Mode which makes so many love your program should really be implemented in Windows version :slight_smile:

Windows does have Composition Mode – but it’s called Full Screen (on the View Menu). Mac’s Composition Mode used to be called Full Screen too, until Apple produced their version.

I never use Page Mode myself, so I don’t miss it, but the stated aim of the developers is to introduce feature parity between the versions in the next (paid) upgrade, which is believed to be coming next year, so presumably Page View will be available then.

A page view is the only feature I need but don’t have (aside from dual dialogue). I’ve been searching for years for the perfect Windows software, I found it with scrivener, but I can’t use it for the actual writing of scripts or treatments without a page view. Right now it is only useful to me for development only.

I really hope it gets added soon.

Aside from this, it is an awesome piece of software.