windows page view

I love scrivener, but as a screenwriter, I have to be able to see my pages/ page numbers, or page breaks. I think this is possible for users who use the Mac version of Scribner, yet not for users on Windows. This software is great as it allows writers to structure his or her story from notes to the final script. But it because useless if a screenwriter can’t see the page breaks or page numbers before compiling. The Mac version gives you a page view option. Windows doesn’t. Or I am just not seeing it. This will draw so many more screenwriters who use Windows; because screenwriters write long scripts. And if you are writing an action or dialogue in Scrivener and compile it to find out that some dialogue got cut off at the end of a page, is terrible. Same thing for actions that get cut off. If we could at least see the page breaks, we would know to start our action or dialogue on the next page. We would know when to place, "cont’d or more within our directions; and most screenwriting software’s would place cont’d or more automactically. One workaround I found was going to print preview. If we could simply edit in print preview, that would solve the problem. Thank you for your time.