Windows PC and iPad

As background: I’ve used a Mac since 2015 and have used Scrivener for a few years but needed to switch back to a Windows PC. I plan to buy Scrivener for Windows.

OK, I understand from reading the forums that the current 1.X version of Scrivener-Windows will not run the Scrivener 3 projects from a Mac so I’ll have to deconvert them to Scrivener 2 files (or run the Beta). My question is, will I be able to use those deconverted files on my iPad version of the app and modify the same project on both PC and iPad?

Just run the win 3 beta and you’ll be fine. It’s stable, now only a few remaining issues and seems pretty close to a release (Pretty Please!)

Thank you for the advice. I’ll try that first

To answer your original question, yes, iOS Scrivener can read the Scrivener 2 (Mac) project format. It cannot, however, convert a project between Scrivener 2 and Scrivener 3.