windows phone?

Just a quick question, if I were to buy a windows phone running windows 8.1, would the windows version of scrivener work on it? I really would like to buy an IPhone and use the new IOS version but, I am on disability and cannot afford such a luxury. Just wondering if I might have a chance to get scrivener to work on a cheaper phone. Also, is a new version of scrivener for windows due out any time soon? Scrivener3?


Since Scrivener for Windows requires a specific sort of chip architecture, I’m guessing that you can’t use it on a Windows phone. It doesn’t even work on some Windows tablets/laptop hybrids for this reason. Sorry.

There is speculation over the next Windows phone. At the moment, Nokia make the Windows phones under licence, this is ending. There is a new phone in the wind for early next year. It’s tentatively called, Surface Phone. Microsoft is aiming to get full cross-platform functionality. This means they are trying to get Windows software to work on all their devices. This is why they dropped RT versions from their Surface range. I’m not saying Scrivener would work on their new phone, but it’s a possibility. Google, ‘Surface Phone’ and see what you can find. :smiley:
Personally, I’d say you’re better off with an iPhone and Scrivener’s new Ios version of their software.

There are a few bits of misinformation here.

  1. Nokia was purchased by Microsoft a while back. The Lumia phones made from that point are just Lumia, not Nokia Lumia.
  2. Microsoft announced that they were no longer focusing on Windows phone devices. However, they also said they are not ending them.
  3. Any speculation about Surface Phone is just that, speculation. There is no announcement of such a device, certainly no announcement for a release date.
  4. RT was an experiment in allowing modern Windows frameworks to be compiled for non-Intel architectures to hit the low end of the target market, by not including all the legacy x86/x64 cruft from previous versions of Windows that was compiled for Intel architectures. It got dropped because it didn’t sell – more people wanted legacy compatibility than Microsoft estimated.
  5. Full cross-platform functionality is not the goal of the Windows 10 universal app. It IS about getting the majority of the behind-the-scenes code the same, so folks writing code for Windows devices only need to handle UI and other small pieces of functionality. However, this isn’t BINARY level compatibility – the code still needs to be compiled for the target architecture. Last I knew, smartphones weren’t using Intel processors that were binary-compatible with Intel desktop x86/x64 processors.

No, it will not work on any Windows Phone.

And are unlikely ever to do so because of the power requirements of mobile devices. There’s quite a bit of divergence between the high performance and low power segments way down at the level of the silicon.

Also, as you’ll see if you look at the Mac and iOS versions of Scrivener side-by-side, the smaller screen and touch interface impose a different set of design tradeoffs on the software. Even if you could run the Windows version directly on a phone, you probably wouldn’t want to.


You’re right, Nokia was purchased by Microsoft back in late 2013 and finalized early 2014. Before that, the Lumia was classed as a partnership phone and still carried the word Nokia. However, the first Microsoft Lumia was released in October 2015, the 950.
As for the cross platform thing, I knew I may have gotten that wrong about normal software, (the phones use ARM opposed to x86 architecture) which is why I suggested the iPhone would be better.
As for the surface phone, here’s an interesting article about how Microsoft is dealing with their mobile market. … e-strategy
I’ve had 3 Surfaces, starting with the RT. I now have a Pro 3 and am looking forward to the Pro 5. I also had a Lumia but didn’t like it. Not enough apps for it.

Maybe a UWP version of the IOS version in a bright but distant future?
(Windows Bridge for IOS)

thank you guys for all the information. I guess I will just have to stick the running windows on my laptop.