Windows project file won't copy for crossover to mac

Hi…I’ve just bought a Macbook Air 13" (El Capitan). I’ve not used mac before. All my work is in Scrivener for Windows (Windows 7 still - hated Windows eight). I also have the latest version of Scrivener up and working on my pc. I want to open my work on the mac via a thumb drive so I’ve copied the relevant Scrivener project folder onto a Toshiba stick. Unfortunately, my Windows system will just not allow me to copy onto the thumb drive the critical Scrivener Project File, saying that the file has properties that can’t be copied to a new location. Can you help please? Knowing that Scrivener is a cross-over programme I bought a mac so I could use Scrivener in tandem with a piece of mac software that isn’t available on Windows. Naturally I’m a little bemused. Thanks, Julia.

You’ll get this message sometimes when transferring files between different Windows file systems (e.g. NTSF to FAT32), indicating some meta-data in the file won’t copy. It’s nothing critical, and it won’t affect Scrivener running at all. You can safely click the option to continue copying without those properties and then copy the entire .scriv folder onto your Mac to work on there.