Windows project import issues


I have a question about an issue I am seeing that is puzzling me. I have Scrivener on the Mac (v2.4.1) and on Windows 8 I have version of Scrivener installed.

So far I have done all my writing on my Macs (iMac and Macbook) and have my project files in dropbox. This has worked quite well. Yesterday I tried to access my project on dropbox using my Windows Scrivener. While I can see the project and open it in Windows Scrivener what I end up with is an older version of the project; yet on the Mac the same file is my finished project (quite different chapter structure).

I have tried to move the file to Windows using the export to Zip option but with the same result. Then I thought I may have a bad Windows install so I uninstalled Scrivener and removed the backups and reinstalled. Same issue shows up.

Frustrating and don’t know what to do. Any thoughts?

Thank you all!


This sounds like a Dropbox sync issue, where you’ve got older files on your Windows machine that are loading instead of the newer ones that are on the Mac. I’d take a look in the project folder for any “conflicted” copies (or any duplicates at all of files, e.g. two project files) and remove the extras to another location. Also make sure that your Windows machine is correctly syncing with your other computers–if it’s been disconnected or paused or has selective sync excluding this folder, than you’ll naturally not be getting your recent changes there.

I’d also double-check that the project you’re loading on Windows is in fact the one stored in your Dropbox and not a different copy you’d made at some point. Particularly with the auto-load feature, it can sometimes be difficult to tell and if you do have multiple copies of a project with the same name, it can e difficult to tell if you’ve got the correct one open. If you go to Tools > Options in Scrivener, you can enable the option in the General tab to show the full file path in the window title bar, and that will help confirm that you’ve got the right project open.