Windows Purchasing Problem

Hello, I am new to the community, but have been using Scrivener for awhile now on Mac. I did purchase Scrivener 3 along with the serial number that was provided. I believe this was several years ago. I never had an issue, but I need it now for Windows version. I thought I read that you could install the same copy for Windows version and use the same Serial number. When I contacted the company they told me that it must be separate. I had to buy it again. Luckily I got it on sale for $15 and not the full price.

Here is the issue. As I mentioned I wanted it for Windows. I downloaded it for Windows and ended up with Mac version again. I even used a different emailing address to just be safe. To my surprise I received a copy for Mac in my email. Thinking this would be the Windows version, but it wasn’t. Upon opening the zip file there was no setup for mac or anything. Not even anything pertaining to Windows. I just received a PDF file and some other file extensions I had never seen before. I contacted the company once again via email explaining my issue. I told them I bought it for Windows version instead of Mac version this time with no .exe file setup. I was informed that there was no .exe file it is just a PDF file that I can open up as an ebook in Adobe Acrobat. I did download the demo version for Windows and it was a full on application, not some PDF file. I didn’t even receive a serial number with my purchase of Windows. What’s going on? I love Scrivener and never had issues before all this. Either fix it or give me my $15 back. I just want the application and the serial number for windows.

Maybe things changed, no? I don’t know if it is me or them. I got a book I want to finish and can’t do this on my Mac now since that has pretty much rendered itself useless for the most part. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and I hope everyone is being safe and well during this difficult time.

Hi Hyperspazz,

There’s a lot of info in your post, and frankly I got lost trying to figure it out, so I may have missed some of your points.

First thing is, the Windows trial version you downloaded is the full product. If you’ve installed that, then there’s no other software for you to download or install.

To activate the trial version with your license, you’ll need to enter your License number, which was provided to you somewhere in the email that was sent to you when you purchased your Windows license. I’m pretty sure you activate Scrivener from the Help menu, but it’s been years since I’ve needed to do that.

If you’ve lost the email or cannot find the License number, go to the support page linked below and see if you can retrieve it from there.