Windows Scrivener will not load after update

After the last Windows Scrivener update on Mon, Feb 11th, the program will not load. It shows the next update message and some files show as loading but the Scrivener program fails to load. Previous updates did work just fine. The previous version is Beta - 32-bit - 21 Dec 2018. The OS is Windows 10 Home Edition 64-bit.

I did perform a restore so Scrivener is working with the version Beta.

What needs to be done to apply the latest update successfully?

Thanks - Dave Bedford

Are you completely uninstalling the prior beta before you install the new version?

As your OS is 64 bit, any reason why you’re not using the 64 bit version?


Thanks for the quick reply.

  1. No, I am not completely installing the prior beta. Just installing it as the prompts from the bata update. Do you have a link for the 64 bit beta version.

  2. For the Scrivener 64 bit version. I was not aware that there is a 64 bit version. Do you have a link?

You can always find the latest beta download links in the Announcements section of the Beta Forum, near the top of the post appropriately title “Scrivener 3.0 Beta 13 (Download Links & Change List)”. :smiley:

Here’s that post: [url]]

It does advise completely uninstalling prior versions before installing the latest one, so hopefully doing that and/or running the 64 bit version resolves your issue.



Thanks for link. I will give it a try.

You have a good day - Dave Bedford