Windows Snapshot Compare...?

Do we know when Windows is going to get Snap Shot compare? That’s all I want. Screw the other gizmo’s and stuff…Scrivener is 99% perfect for me, that 1% off is because there is no Snapshot Compare like they have for Mac. Is it ever coming? Is there a Beta version I can get that will have it?

If it is there, I can’t see it, so if someone does have it and I don’t…I’d like to figure out why mine doesn’t (My version of Scrivener is up to date…so I should be good on that front.)

A quote from the mods…

" IIRC, the goal is for WinScriv 3 to match the features of MacScriv 3.

Scrivener Support Team "

A quote from NASA
-Goals outlined by NASA- NASA is developing the capabilities needed to send humans to an asteroid by 2025 and Mars in the 2030s –

The race is on…

Yes, snapshot compare for Windows, yes please, now, yes, please.
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Additionally, I want to point out that the snapshot feature is near to useless without a compare feature. Why would you make a snapshot in the first place? Because you want a revision! Why do you want a revision? Because you are not sure if there isn’t a better way to express your thoughts. So maybe you write a shortened revision of a chapter - and a lengthy one. But to finally decide, you need to find the difference.

Do you really want us to copy the text and revisions of a chapter to an external ‘diff’ utility for the foreseeable future, while the lucky Mac guys have it all in one place?