Windows speech recognition not working

Hi there,

I am not able to use the Windows Speech Dictation with Scrivener, yet it works fine with word and all other functions on the pc. I have searched endlessly for a reason and a workaround but to no avail. Anyone else having this problem? I am certain that it is an easy fix and I am just missing something but what…
I just switched from Mac and Dragon Dictate to Windows on my new Dell laptop and the pre-installed Speech Recognition software. Going from Mac to PC has troubled me in the past and this has me just right grumpy.

As far as I know, the short answer is “no, not yet.” Scrivener for Windows is written using the QT framework for Windows and not one of the native Windows runtimes, and AFAIK the Windows speech recognition engine needs special hooks into the text controls that this version of the QT framework doesn’t provide.

See this thread for more information.

Thanks Devin, good to know it isn’t a user incompetence solely. Hoping for a fix with Windows 10 perhaps.

Also, thanks for the thread link!


Hi is there any update on using text to speech on windows, I use this feature on all other apps on windows 10 and this thread was last updated a while ago. When can we expect this feature?
thanks heaps

What I said before (remember, I am not an L&L employee, just an obsessive forum participant) still is correct as far as I know.

While we know that L&L are busily working on Scrivener 3.x (which for Windows, if I understand correctly, is going to use the QT 5.x platform), it’s not here yet. The current Windows Scrivener 1.x family still uses QT4 – which is old and doesn’t include native support for a lot of the new features coming out in Windows (and by new I mean Windows 8 and newer). Until Scrivener 3.x comes out, as far as I know there is no hope of getting the native text to speech facility working. Even when it comes out, I don’t know if QT5 has built in the necessary interaction with the underlying OS speech engine, so it may or may not work. Only one of the developers can tell us…and they’re pretty busy.

Good things come to those who wait. I keep telling myself that every 5 minutes.