Windows split and problem with Binder

Clicking in file of “drafts” (in Binder) does not work properly.

With vertical “toggle split” I have two columns: left and right.
Everything was OK by now, but now something went wrong :frowning:

It was OK means, that if e.g. left column was active (and upper bar, with the title, is lighted in blue) and I click some file from binder, so it would be shown in that active (left) column. Now, if I active the second column and I will click another file from drafts (or, just, Binder), so this second would be shown in the right column.

“Something went wrong” means that now – independently of that which one column is active – every clicking in Binder would be shown only in the left column. If I want to change some file/draft shown in right column I need to click the arrows in upper bar, clicking the Binder affects only the left column (even if it is not active).

How to bring back the correct performance?

This is a first guess, but have a look at the submenu View > Binder Affects.

It allows you to choose what happens when you click in the Binder (i.e. it is reflected in the Editor, Other Editor, Left Editor only etc). It may be that you’ve inadvertently chosen an option which has changed the behaviour you’re used to.

Brookter, thanx a lot! It’s worked :slight_smile:

Glad it helped…