Windows: suggestions for Multi-Monitor setup

Hi guys,

please consider:

  • implement the option of undocking all the “secondary” windows (second writing area, info field ect.) in separate windows so one could move them to a second/third monitor. This would help to adapt with different screen resolutions on monitors #2,3 etc.


There will be a feature that lets you open documents in simple stand-alone editor views, which will contain a mini-inspector, but the main project window is designed to be a cohesive unit, not something that can be split apart into pieces and there are no plans to change that.

Love the tool, it helps me organize my thoughts while writing the book.

The one thing I’m missing is the option of more than 2 simultaneous windows. I suppose I could open another copy of the project, but I don’t know your concurrency model. So that might create conflicts or overwriting.

I don’t know what IDE you use when you’re programming. I use Eclipse. I was expecting to find someplace to open up another window in the project. Guess I’m spoiled. :blush:

As long as I can open an arbitrary number of these editor windows and resize them, that would fill my needs. I’m on Windows, but I’d be willing to move to Linux if that had the feature mentioned.

P.G. Sundling

Yes, they are just ordinary windows that act a bit like the editor area of a project, you will be able to have as many as you want.