Windows templates don't work

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but none of the Windows templates for Scrivener (.scrivx files) ever work. The files in them are always blank, even when it’s obvious they should contain information or instructions or guidelines. When I import scrivtemplate (Mac) templates, they work fine.

Any idea where I’m going wrong?

A .scrivx file isn’t a template; it’s the project file that contains information about the structure of the binder and meta-data, and it always belongs inside the project’s .scriv folder along with the other folders and files that make up the project. Scrivener project template files are in the format .scrivtemplate, the same as on Mac. So it sounds like you’re working with incomplete projects and need to get the entire .scriv project folder from whoever’s providing the template (then you can just treat that as a new project), or have them use the Save As Template command to create a .scrivtemplate file for you to import.

Jennifer -

Thanks for the response. I wasn’t clear. I am downloading supposed windows templates that come in a zip file. I put the zip file in its own folder, unzip all the files into the same folder, and then load the scrivx project file. But the text files in the project are all blank. I have also tried adding a .scriv suffix to the folder name, but style no joy.

Do you have an example you could attach here or link to? I think it would help if I could see exactly what you’re working with, since it could be anything from the file structure being wrong to the files missing entirely to a weird encryption issue. After you’ve extracted the project folder, does it look like your other projects?–has a Files folder, a Settings folder, etc., with documents in Files/Docs? If that looks right, try right-clicking the project folder and choosing Properties, then clicking Advanced from the General tab and deselect the encryption option and click OK a few times to apply that to all the contents. Sometimes when a file gets zipped on a Mac, it gets flagged as encrypted when extracted on Windows and that would result in a seemingly blank project when opened. Removing the encryption flag should let it open properly if that’s the issue.


The encryption setting was not the problem. It seems (at least on the one test I’ve done) that the files are not being unzipped properly into the Docs folder. When I moved them there manually stuff magically appeared. I’ll have to do some more experimenting and het back to you.

Thanks for your assistance.

Figured it out.

I’d gotten into the habit of unzipping files by ipening the zip file in winzip and then dragging the contained files into another folder. Doesn’t work for these files.

I finally figured out to go the long way: open the zip file in winzip, select extract, make sure folder names is checked, and then execute the extraction.

Voila. Problem solved. Maybe this will help someone who is making the same mistake I was.