Windows three way split

Could the split windows have a third alternative, Left right and bottom? Then I could have a chapter in left window, sub-plot in right window and the outline in the bottom window. This would allow comprehensive review and editing from all angles.




You can do that with copy-holders (not sure it’s the name in english — I’m on the french release).

  • Split your window
  • Ctrl-click on the third document (or mouse right)
  • Choose item « Open > In copyholder » in the contextual menu (it’s your third window).

I think “Copyholders” are already there in the Windows v. 3 Beta; I can’t check for the moment. But technically, that gives you a four-way split, as you can have a copyholder (read only) within each editor pane. And of course, if you’ve got enough screen real-estate, you can open documents in “Quick Reference” windows …



Thank you for those replies, I now have 3 windows!

Not sure how to control them but at least once the 3 are est. I can set each to my desired document.

Will play with setting the Windows and see if I can figure out the logic behind the sizing and positioning till I get what I am looking for. Also, the quick reference window floating above is handy for checking on additional notes and research as the need arises.

Thanks again.

Bill Antonacchio

Take a look at the Beta’s “Interactive Tutorial” (see the templates chooser from File->New or the Help menu).

Under “Going Further->Referring to More Documents”, there’s a section on Copyholders.

Also of note, with a group of documents loaded into one editor, and a copyholder associated with that editor pane, you can click on an icon in the editor’s bottom frame to automatically load selections from that group into the copyholder, just like you can with regular split editors.

The copy holders are read/write. Not sure when they fixed that, or if my edits might not be saved, but it appears that you can edit the text in copyholders now.

An additional pane for viewing/editing other text documents can be found in the inspector’s bookmarks pane. So you could associate another document or set of documents with the one you’re viewing in a regular editor (not in copyholders… they don’t cause the inspector to change what document’s info is being inspected) to auto-load whenever you select that document. Or you could use the project bookmarks instead, loading and editing whatever documents you want without selections in your editor changing what is being viewed.