Windows to Mac Crash!

I have been using Scrivener on an ancient Windows PC (XP) and I just upgraded to a new Mac.

I copied all my files (the whole story folders including the .scriv files) onto a USB stick and dropped them into my Mac. When I try to open them, it freezes the whole Scrivener program and I have to force quit.

Any thoughts on what I can do to get the files to open?

I guess the first and probably least helpful thing to say is that it should work. The file formats are the same, and (like many users) I’ve done this myself with the expected results. So, that unhelpful comment out the way…

-I trust you are making sure to pick up the entire folder unmolested? For the avoidance of doubt, this is the entire folder whose name ends “.scrivx” and all it’s contents.

  • Are you able to navigate to see the files on your Mac? If you can, right click and I think the option is show package contents or something like that. Whatever the option is to enter in and see the folder contents. That should give you a visual check that things aren’t getting shaken around in transit.
  • Make sure you are actually copying the files to your Mac and not trying to run them off the USB stick each time. I’ve heard of this causing issues.
  • Make sure the files/folders aren’t being zipped / archived or otherwise encrypted in any way without you first reversing that process when on your Mac.
  • You can try a one-off transfer (perhaps of a dummy new project) by alternate means to see if it’s something about the USB transfer that’s causing the issue. Try dropbox if you have it installed on both machines, or go old school and simply email it to yourself.