Windows to Mac loss of table cell width formatting should be reported to Apple by the developer


In migrating from Windows to Mac Scrivener, I’ve discovered that Scrivener does not retain table cell width formatting at the time of the Mac conversion. It has been explained to me to be a result of Mac Scrivener calling on Apple routines for making the conversion of the rtf files. The loss of table cell width when converting to Mac Scrivener has also been confirmed to be an issue in the upcoming Scrivener 3 for Windows.

Losing all cell width formatting in all my Windows projects is a huge deal for me. It is costing me hundreds of hours to reformat the cell widths for each table used in my Scrivener projects. This Apple bug impacts the cross-platform compatibility of the Scrivener apps.

I request that Scrivener, as the developer, report the issue to Apple so that a fix can be produced in a timely fashion. The Apple routine that is being called by Scrivener should properly convert the cell width of tables contained in the Scrivener rtf files.

Thanks for for quickly figuring out what the issue was, for the great program, and for your consideration of this matter.