Windows to Mac Windows

I had a trial on my Windows based PC that I managed to make last about six months ( don’t judge me lol) and when it ended, I lost all the work that I had saved on it. Fast forward to the beginning off 2016, I bought a Mac, and in turn bought scrivener for mac. Ended up having to buy another Windows PC, and that is what brings me here. I have two questions, and am hoping that I can have them answered here.

  1. Is there anyway that I can retrieve my older work
  2. Is there a way that I can transfer the scrivener from my old mac to my new windows computer?

Hoping to have at one positive outcome out of both issues,


The end of the trial version doesn’t destroy your work, it would still be on your hard drive unless you did something to erase your projects, or if there was a technical failure with your hard drive or other backup/cloud sync software.

So if you search your old Windows computer hard drive for files that match the pattern “*.scrivx” you’ll find your projects. Just back out to the containing *.scriv folder, and that’s the root of your entire project. Copy that folder to your thumb drive and you have a copy of your project, ready to load onto your new computers.

Thanks. Would I have to purchase a new Scrivener for mt new computer as well or am I able to transfer the purchase I had from my mac?

Mac and Windows licenses don’t overlap, so if you never purchased an actual Windows license, you’d have to do so to use it on the new Windows computer. L&L offers a discount if you’ve already got the other platform, though. Instructions should be on the sales page.