windows to OS

I’ve been wondering this for a bit, so decided to ask.

Most likely I’m going to end up getting a macbook pro (can’t stand the new windows) in the next two months, but seeing that I have bought scrivener for windows can i use my code for an OS version, or do I have to buy it again?

Thank you!

Send an email to support directly. They’re usually very nice about swapping the kind of license you have if you’re moving completely away from one platform, but keep in mind if they are willing to do this, you’ll loose the ability to use the Windows version. Best to wait until after you’ve got your Mac and are using the trial version before starting down that path.

In fact contact them sooner to ask; there’s no guarantee that they will do it (I bet it depends on circumstances, like how recently you bought the Windows version). Then “pull the trigger” once you’ve got your mac and have transfered all of your projects.