Windows Trial Version: Open Project, section headers present, but no text

First time Scrivener user. I am working with someone on a book he is writing and he uses this program.

I just downloaded the trial version of Scrivener for Windows. I opened a project that someone e-mailed me. He created it on a Mac. When I open it, I see the outline with all the sections, but all of the text is missing.

I’ve viewed the project on my friend’s computer, it has pages of text. But when I open it on my computer, the text is all missing. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

On the Mac, ask your friend to use the File -> Backup -> Backup To command, and check the box to create a ZIP backup. That will keep all the component files together when you email them.

(Also, make sure your friend is using Mac Scrivener 2.9 or older. Win Scrivener can’t yet open Scrivener 3 projects.)