Windows: Tutorial and General Meta-Data elements

About 6 weeks ago I spent a few hours and went through the whole tutorial for Scrivener. I was deeply impressed with the features and how accurate the Tutorial was (for that previous Windows version).

There were numerous times when I was sure that the Tutorial was mistaken and misleading.

However, when I went back to those sections, upon re-reading and sometimes re-reading again, I realized that the mistake was in my misreading.

Yesterday I purchased the Windows v1.7.1, and today I’m starting over with the Tutorial.

In the current Tutorial contained within Win v1.7.1, Step 5b: General Meta-Data refers the reader to Project > Meta-Data Settings…"

Label and Status (tabs) I can see in the Meta-Data Settings dialog.

I DO NOT see anything in that dialog which refers to Created/Modified Date nor
do I see anything in that dialog which directs me to or infers about Include in Compile, Page Break Before and Compile As-Is

Perhaps, as 6 weeks ago, I am again misreading.

However, I have read and re-read Step5b four or five times and I still cannot find what the current Windows Tutorial is referring to in that General Meta-Data dialog that corresponds to Created/Modified Date nor Include in Compile, Page Break Before and Compile As-Is.

If I’m mistaken, I hope that someone will help me to see the light.

If the Windows Tutorial has NOT been updated to reflect all of the changes in the new Windows v1.7.1, I hope that someone will make those changes and corrections soon.

I have turned to Scrivener (after working with Windows PCs and various programming languages for the last 25 years) because other software I had hoped would meet my needs was failing in its features or crashing or just totally incomprehensible.

Scrivener, like many types of software, presents a major new “culture” built on top of Windows culture.

As such, it requires a major dedication to investing the time to learn its features and “culture.”

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Ok, I found some more info from the pdf manual, inspired by the recent inquiry on Document Corrections:

The Tutorial directs the user to the main menu for Project > Meta-Data Settings.

The pdf manual for Ch10, Setting up Meta-Data, on p91, refers the user to the “Inspector,” where I now see the “General Meta-Data” pane with “Created/Modified Date” and “Include in Compile, Page Break Before and Compile As-Is” features.

Perhaps I’m still mistaken. However, it seems to me that the (new or old, I don’t know) Windows Tutorial needs to explicity refer the user to the “Inspector” for those features.

…And, I now see that I needed to use my “implicit reference cap” to note that the Tutorial has me working under “Step 5: The Inspector.” However, the “Project > Meta-Data Settings” reference through me a “knuckle ball” and I got a bit twisted up…oh, well, read, read, and look again, and re-read.

I still suggest that the Tutorial should remind the user, explicitly, that the “General Meta-Data pane” is the “Inspector/General Meta-Data pane.”

Yeah, it sounds like you got it sorted out. Step 5b is purely about that small pane in between the Index Card and whatever meta-data list you’re currently working with (Notes, Keywords, etc.).

Like you say, all of step 5 is about the Inspector though, it seems odd to keep reiterating that throughout the step (even if it is broken into several sections)?

You might have a point about the “knuckle ball” though. Maybe an instruction to explicitly close that panel when you’re done looking at it and return to the General Meta-Data pane.

I’ve committed myself to learning Scrivener because I experience its design and features, its documentation, and its deep forum participation to be worthy of the investment of my time.

I will not be able to do without LibreOffice, and ultimately Scribus to complete my book, but LibreOffice is so complex and it’s documentation, while substantial, just leaves out so much because LO is humungous, with unmentionables scattered liberally to snare the unknowing.

My suggestion for the “process” which resulted in my befuddlement:

The Header View/Bar needs an option to include the whole path of the document/folder.

In this instance, instead of just “5b: General Meta-Data,” there could reasonably be an option or default to show the whole path, in this case “5: Inspector/5b: General Meta-Data,” or “5: Inspector > 5b: General Meta-Data.”

This feature has become more practical due to the extra width that the Header View/Bar now has for most users with the transition to widescreen monitors.

Well, except that it would actually be “Draft > Part I: The Basics > Step 5: The Inspector > 5b: General Meta-Data”, and that’s just a three level indent. :slight_smile: Items buried six or seven levels down would get messy.

But, as for on-demand knowledge, we will be putting a tooltip here for the full path, and you can already click on the icon and use the “Path” menu to figure out where you are. That doesn’t really address your concern with inspector.subdocument visibility, but it’s useful when you get lost in your own work.