Windows Update

Any idea when the Windows version will be upgraded to 2.0?

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The developers say the iOS version is the main priority right now–getting it finished and working with the Mac/Windows versions.

The Windows version of Scrivener, even though it’s 1.8, already has most of the features of Mac’s 2.0, with a few exceptions: [url]Differences Between the Mac and Windows Versions]

If they were equating version numbers with feature parity, Literature and Latte could have incremented to 2.0 for Windows a long time ago. The current Mac version gained a lot of features after the 2.0 release, so the Windows team would still be catching up in that regard. Essentially, you have 2.0 in all but name/number. All for the low-low upgrade fee of nothing.

Hopefully they will fix all the display bugs on high DPI screens. Ideally they’ll do more than rely on QT or WXWidgets or whatever cross-platform UI library they use and test and get the UI to look right on Windows. It’s pretty close so that needn’t be huge. I’ll take craftsmanship over features any day.

That is something that the next major update should fix. From what I understand it isn’t so much a problem with Qt as it is the version of Qt. Once they update that (which is a non-trivial task to say the least) underlying framework to the modern toolkit it should be fine. We’re just stuck with the one that was made prior to the affordability of high-resolution screens.

Will the upcoming Windows update make MAC and Windows Scrivener projects interchangeable again?

There will be a Windows update out soon to maintain compatibility with the 2.7 Mac release. Currently there is a public beta available which is compatible with 2.7.

I work cross-platform and this was a deal-breaker for me. I’ll find some other software that is more devoted to the writer than the brand.

Honestly can’t tell if you’re serious or sarcastic. If there’s a writing software more devoted to the writer than Scrivener, and can do the things Scrivener does in an easier way, I’d like to see it. I’ve seen a lot, and Scrivener is one of the very best.

+1. Trying not to get too defensive, but in all seriousness, dallmon, if you find that software, please let us know. The current glitch between the latest Mac and latest Windows versions of Scrivener seems to be an aberration (albeit a serious one), quite out of their typical pattern.

I wonder when we’re getting a Linux update… since now the compatibility between Win and *nix is totally broken due to the format changes. Or should I be looking into the ways to downgrade, because Linux update is happening never? Since, you know, I wasn’t expecting anything bad until the updated Scrivener on Windows asked me to update the project files. I didn’t know hanging around the forums was a requirement before one could safely upgrade without surprises.

The update information in the auto-update announcement and the change list on the website both indicated that Scrivener 1.9 uses a new file format incompatible with earlier versions of Scrivener. I’m sorry this wasn’t made clear enough in regards to the Linux version as pre-1.9. You can download 1.8.6 for Windows from here.

We’ll have more information about the Linux version next week.

Thank you, MimeticMouton! Will be rolling back right now, because I need this compatibility. Especially since NaNoWriMo is around the corner and my netbook runs Xubuntu.

I realise the change must have been indicated on the auto-update announcement, but honestly… I was too excited to have an update to bother reading. :slight_smile: