Windows v1.5 vs. Mac v2.4

I’m faced with a computer choice in the near future of going with a Windows machine or a Mac. Is there a timetable when the Windows version of Scrivener will close the gap to the Mac version? Or will the Mac version always be way out ahead with functionality?

Will the day come (soon) when both platforms are the same or will there always be two tiers of functionality with Scrivener?

I don’t think Keith is going to stop developing or improving Scrivener for Mac, so there may always be a gap, but the rate of change on the Mac side is slower. There may come a time when Lee is adding features that get added to the Mac later, but he’s still got a lot of catching up to do before that’s very common.

You should, however, look at what Scrivener for Windows does for you, and decide if it does what you need. Also, does Windows work better for you than what the Mac has to offer? What about other applications that look useful or don’t have an equivalent on the other platform?

I was never a MS fan (though I use it every day as my day-job computer), but it took Apple a long time and a major shift in technology (to a stable and secure Unix-derivative core) to win me over. Now I love it. Well… I like it better than any of the alternatives.