Windows v1 vs mac v2 - features not present?

Well done folks and without wanting to pour water on the happy moment, it would be useful to know exactly what mac v2 features are not currently present on windows v1.

It would also be useful to know any indication of the expected timeframe (weeks/months/years/eons?) for 1x versions and what features would have to wait until you released a windows v2 and would not be included in any 1x version to come ?

many thanks again


I second this request, mostly because I am unable to locate the “revision mode” in the Windows version, and I’m hoping this does not mean it is non-existent.

The revision pens are currently not available in Scrivener for Windows.


Following this and other requests for such a list, I’ve now posted one here:

Note that we’re unable to give any timeframes or say what will be coming in 1.x and what will have to wait for 2.0 at this point, though, sorry. We don’t want to make promises we can’t keep. :slight_smile:

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wow thanks

Is there a place to add our wish list items or vote for features we’d like to be added next?

For what it’s worth, mine are:

Custom icons
Document Templates
Page layout view

I would love to see the ability to sync with simplenotes in the windows version. As an iphone and ipad user I write mainly whilst traveling to and fro work on the NYC subway. The ability to sync, especially during NanoWriMo, would be most excellent.

I want something that I think ought to be pretty simple to implement. Fixed line numbering that when turned on pastes and exports to other formats. Really useful for locating stuff in long docs.

I see no Draft thing on my version for windows, I think updated to latest version.

The Draft folder can be renamed, so depending on the template you used when creating your project, it may be called “Manuscript” or something different. It usually resides near the top of the binder (in the built-in templates) and it will have a special icon: