Windows V3.010 <$n> incorrect counting in partial compile

I searched to see if this is address already and didn’t see anything.

I use the <$n> designation to number my chapters. When I compile a partial part of my book the <$n> sets itself to 1 for the first instance it is encountered in the compiled chapters, not the first instance it is encountered in my overall book. All chapters are under a Manuscript folder.

I’ve worked around this by compiling each chapter header, but this results in unneeded pages at the beginning the chapters I’m printing for editing.

Otherwise Scrivener is a great product and has helped me tremendously with my first book.

As <$n> is a counter, incrementing every time it hits <$n> during Compile, it never encounter <$n>s in chapters you don’t include in the compilation.

Either Compile the entire book with all chapters included, or insert several <$n>s before the Chapter Titles to increment the counter to the correct number.

Or add a Page containing the number of
<$n>s minus 1 before the Chapter you Compile.


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