[Windows] v3 and external version control?

UPDATE: I discovered the blog post promising windows parity for multimarkdown export. Didn’t want to waste anyone’s time, so I updated the questions below. It wasn’t clear regarding pandoc etc support, so I’ll leave some of the questions below. (Amazing details on Scrivener 3, by the way, it looks phenomenal!)

So I currently use the export feature in plaintext for version control over my novel scenes, and I’m wondering how v3 will impact that.

Windows doesn’t have the version compare feature, and the snapshots just sort of appear in the notes and don’t have logs and diffs and blame and all of the things version control brings–not that I don’t use and appreciate them!
To that end:

  1. Will MultiMarkdown be an option for “export” in v3 on windows? With the upcoming style support, this looks really promising! Yes, per blog
  2. Is there / will there be a way to automate an export (command-line argument, perhaps?)
  3. Possible for compile to support a folder structure like export does?
  4. Will the post-processing/ Pandoc stuff written about also exist in the windows version? I saw Scrivomatic and that looks cool, but currently mac-only? Yes, per blog? Confirmation?
  5. Is it still worth it to report bugs to the v1 export/compile features on windows? Found a couple.

Really, any small feature improvements you can throw to version control folks would be great! I currently select my whole novel at the end of each day, wait for it to load in the editor, export UTF8, then commit it to my git repository. It’s not insufferable, but with multimarkdown and any sort of automation, it could be great. (I secretly hope that scrivener will someday integrate git and use multimarkdown as the underlying file structure to give us native version control, but I imagine that’s many years off if ever.)

In addition, any thoughts or expertise from those who add their work to version control (or use pandoc/multimarkdown and have ideas on how to do it better) would be GREATLY appreciated!


P.S. Thanks for all the support you guys do, your product is second-to-none.

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Hi Eric, no one has yet seen the Windows beta (well not outside of L&L), and I suspect there will be some features disabled in the first release (as per some comments from Keith on this forum).

b. No, and I think Keith has commented that automating compile is not straightforward. Several users would love a way to do this, and you can use some automation software (autoit on windows?) to hack your way to this feature (AmberV does this for example).
c. Also a no I think, and I very much doubt that Keith would implement many-to-many compile, but you could post a wishlist on this once V3 is out. But I think a post-processing script automatically triggered by compile could easily split a compiled MMD into files per chapter…
d. scrivomatic should run on windows, as all I use is pandocomatic and ruby. You can run any script of command in the post-processor, so if you prefer python, you can use that (or Lua, or perl, or … )

Regarding version control (VC), I have been generally happy with snapshots on the mac, and they will be a significant step-up for Windows users in V3. But I also think a separate VC driven post-compile would be a cool thing, so the way I would do this is I would make a special compile preset (“Trigger Version”) that called a custom post-processing script to:

  • Split the MMD file at each # title #, with a file name based on the title.
  • Move the files to a Git controlled folder, overwriting the previous named files.
  • trigger a git commit -a, possibly with a commit message autogenerated using the date/time.

This way you could have a standard compile preset (standard pandoc post-processing), and when you wanted to trigger an new git commit, then use the “Trigger Version” preset.